Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blog Hoppin' Day 3: Organization


I am going to add on to Crystal's suggestions. I have 3 stacked paper trays in my room: To Be Graded, To Be Filed, and To Be Copied. This helps me avoid piles on my desk that later have to be sorted. It also gives me a quick place to drop things when I am running around during the school day.

I have a rack with a folder for each day of the week. As I prepare materials throughout the week, I place them into the folder for the next week. By Fridays (usually), I have each day in its own folder ready to go.

This year I am doing something new... I am having a file for each ELA and Math CC standard with the standard number and a topic/key word. My thinking is that these files will help me in future years as supplement curriculum and prepare specific activities to meet standards and differentiate.

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