Thursday, October 10, 2013

Friday Fall Freebie #2

Hello, everyone!

Here is your next Friday Fall Freebie! A part of my morning routine is having a morning meeting. Each morning, we start off with a greeting, then we share (2 students), complete a short activity, and read a morning message. Total, this takes about 30 minutes, but it is so awesome to watch! The students learn how to shake hands, say "good morning," and it creates a positive classroom environment. I would love to share with you the "Part 2 - Morning Meeting Schedule, Greetings, and Activities." This was recently posted to my store because Part 1 is my best seller! If you don't have a morning time, that's ok, but I would definitely try it out! My whole school is expected to have this time, K-6. Even if you aren't interested in morning meeting, the activities would be great brain breaks. Try it, you might like it! :)

Check it out HERE!

Ashley and Amanda from For His Glory Teaching are your next stop!

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  1. Morning meeting is an essential element in my classroom! It does take a little chunk out of the day but I also feel like it prevents other disruption because they have that opportunity to connect and share right away. Thank you, so much for sharing :)