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Summer Linky - Organization of Literacy Block

We missed last week, but we are back with a new blog post to help you get ready for next year! 

organize my literacy block! 

**Please note... I would be happy to answer any questions! I quickly wrote this post because I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow! I could go into SOOOO much more detail regarding my literacy block. This just gives you a glimpse! Please leave comments with questions and I would be happy to respond! :) 

To begin, we always do whole group mini lessons, taken from the Primary Toolkit. With these mini lessons, the students use strategies to help them comprehend. We implement these lessons each day for 15-20 minutes. After this is completed, the students work on Daily 5 Centers. (information to come about this!) The main thing I want to share with you all is my anchor charts. I was NEVER a big anchor chart girl, until this year! My firsties really love them, and learn a great deal from having them up. Check out what I've used below! 

Confession: I was never a fan of Daily 5. HOWEVER... I have learned to really love it. I have somewhat made it my own, and incorporate my own centers to support skills, but still keep the basics. In our room, we Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading (on iPads!!!), and Word Work. Now, we do complete writing centers, but that is during a different part of our day. 

Read to Self

Read to Someone

Listen to Reading

Word Work and Centers 

What am I doing while the students are working on these centers? I'm teaching guided reading and monitoring the room. I call three groups a day for 20 minutes. Each group usually meets 3-4 times per week. During this time, the instruction is differentiated to meet the needs of the learner. We use data to drive our instruction, and the needs are constantly changing. Below, are pictures of my teacher area and how I set things up!  

I really don't want to change much next year! However, one thing I will be incorporating more of during our reading block is responding, or writing, about reading. We do a lot of this in Guided Reading, but I would like to see the students doing more of this on their own with prompts that I have given them. I plan to keep track of this in their reading notebooks. 

Everything!! Centers, Guided Reading, Daily 5 ... I LOVE my literacy block! 

I have a variety of things in my store that support literacy! Below are some of them that support centers and word work: 

This pack below is for Guided Reading! I use it to help guide me and keep at the guided reading table.

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