Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Linky - Phonics and Word Study

Use phonics and word study in my classroom!

So, I teach first grade, but my students come in reading to me. There are very few students who need phonics skills, but sometimes, I find a few that could benefit from it. When I taught in Florida, I used Spalding Phonics and LOVED IT! Have you tried it? There are hand motions that go with each phonogram. The students are highly engaged and learn them quickly. Thinking back to my class last year, although they were reading, I decided to use this program to help with their writing and spelling. I saw HUGE improvements!! If you can at all look into this program, I highly recommend it. 

For word study, we used Words Their Way. Like any program, I took it and made it my own. The students were assessed and grouped into the lists that were appropriate for them. I had 7, yes, 7 groups total! It makes it hard to give spelling tests on Friday, but I managed! The students then used these words during their word study time to practice. 

Something I would like to change this next year is not have as many word work stations out at a time. I found that the students were choosing the same one over and over. I'd like to use maybe three at time instead. 

Also, if I can get my act together this summer (hehe), I'd like to create word work stations that match the phonograms used in Spalding phonics. This would take awhile, so I should probably get moving on it. Would anyone else benefit from a product like that? I'm thinking of having poems, activities, etc. that go along with them. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I will definitely continue to differentiate my groups. As a teacher, we know that managing a variety of groups can be hard, but it definitely benefits the learner. 

Check out my fun word work packet!!

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have questions! Go check out the other awesome ideas by clicking the picture below!

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