Friday, August 8, 2014

The Triple Scoop

We are joining up with some "sweet" second grade teachers for this linky, It's a  Triple Scoop of 2nd Grade! We are each sharing two products we feel are essential to our second grade classrooms and including one of our favorites from another  teacher. We are lucky enough to include a super second grade item from Schroeder Shenanigans in Second! Ashley is amazing, and you should check her out. Brenda is hosting the linky, here. Link back to go on to see other handy products featured by second grade teachers. And now for scoop 1...

It seems like from the beginning of the year on, there are always students in my class who have a hard time with the "Make a Ten" strategy. It can be challenging to help them use what they know about 10 to solve other problems. This skill is critical because as they move into hard problems, they can use the strategy with decade numbers. For example, if they can do 8 + 5 becomes 8 +2 = 10, 10 + 3 = 13, then when they see problems like 38 + 5, they will be able to get to 40 and then add on 3 more. To work on this skill, I created a fun game for students. They can play time and time again. If you laminate the game board, they can use it like a dry-erase board. They  roll a dice to complete the equation. They are given 10 frames to use for support if needed. They determine if they made a ten, and write the new equation they used to solve to problem. Find the Make a Ten product here!

The Second Scoop is... Capitalization Captains! Your students will love the fun games you can play with this product to work on the common core standards. They can use these cards in the form of a scoot, roll and correct a paragraph, or roll for a capitalization direction. This product includes a "Capitalization Captain" for each type of capitalization the students need to know. This is a fun and engaging way for them to think about capitalization and practice applying what they have learned. Capitalization Captain can be used in many ways, but it would definitely make a great center for students to visit for on-going practice! Find Capitalization Captains here!

The Third Scoop we have to share with you is about Central Message or Theme from Ashley Schroeder. I chose this product from her because the central theme is a part of the common core that I know I will do many interactive read-alouds, mini-lessons, and strategy groups with throughout the year. Some students have a difficult time grasping this concept, and it is so key for strong comprehension. In her product you will find anchor charts, response sheets, and flip flap books for both central message and theme. The flip flap book will make an engaging independent practice activity for students to do as they apply this skill and also as a great assessment for checking understanding! Find her product here!

Thanks for stopping by to check out our three scoops! Make sure you see what other second grade teachers are scooping up today!

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