Monday, February 23, 2015

Tech Tuesday

Hi Friends!

I'm so excited about week 1 of the Tech Tuesday Weekly Linky Party! Thank you for coming! Using technology to improve student learning is so beneficial (and fun). I hope you will join me and share a tech resource you use in your classroom or for professional growth. Spread the word with others - The more ideas, the better! If you do not have a blog, feel free to post a Tech Idea in the comment section.

Here's How to Participate:

1- Write about your tech idea on your blog and grab the image above to include in your post. Make sure to link back to this post.
2- Add your link up below
3- Leave a comment on someone's post
4- Share the linky party on your choice of social media

I am going to share my favorite app of all time. Seriously, I don't think I could ever go back to living without it. My students use this app everyday in all subjects. Its' called... Explain Everything! Students can write, type, draw, insert photos, record, and explain. There are a variety of tools they can use in their project, similar to an interactive whiteboard. I use this app when students do science experiments, as they can photograph, label, and explain each phase of the experiment. I use it for math problems as they can explain their thinking with visual support. I also use it in reading. Just this past week, my students used photos of a National Geographic Kids Magazine and labeled text features and explained the purpose of those text features on their recording. Lastly, my students use this app for their Words Their Way word sorts. They use the typing feature to create their sorts and record themselves as they sort it so they can explain out loud why each word goes in each category.

Go ahead to see how Explain Everything Works by checking out these videos. Truly there is so much more you can do, but this is a good place to start. I do have my students send me there work, but not through Youtube. (Youtube just worked best for blogging purposes.)

Subtraction Explain Everything Project

Text Feature Explain Everything Project

Here is a screen shot of a project I was working on. You can see the tools along the side, the recording options along the bottom, a button to add slides, and in the right corner a place to save/export your project!

If your students have email or a place they can send their work to you, they can export their projects in a variety of formats to be viewed as videos or pdfs!

Any questions? I'd be happy to support you if you decide to try this out with your students!

Thanks for stopping by! What tech are you using in your classroom?

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