Monday, March 16, 2015

Tech Tuesday 3-17

Happy Tech Tuesday!

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I am sure many of you have had enough with tech this week with Assessing... I know many teachers at my school have PARCC coming out their ears!!!

Perhaps you and your students need to have some fun with a game as you press on learning... Wait a minute, don't we all need that?

I recently learned of a fun game, Kahoot! Students can answer questions, take polls/surveys, or answer more in-depth questions. My favorite part is that it collects data so you can see how each individual student in your class was able to do. It is more interactive than having students raise hands and engages all at once. I like how it gives immediate feedback for you and your students to discuss.

You can create your own Kahoot by creating a quiz. When you create, you can type your own questions, upload your own images, and your own answer choices. You also choose how much response time for each question.

However, you can also search through already created Kahoots. For example, we are studying graphs right now in math. I typed in 2nd grade graphing and found a Kahoot that is perfect for my students. I can use that instead of taking the time to create.

It's fairly easy for even young students to use. They just click their answer, so there does not need to be a lot of typing involved. In order for them to get to the quiz, they will go to and then enter a pin number that you were given when you created/searched your quiz. Then, they put in their name. And Play!

Thanks for visiting Tech Tuesday! I hope you learned something new from my post or one of the fabulously techy teachers linked up. All are welcome to link up!

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