Monday, April 27, 2015

Tech Tuesday 4-28

Need a quick but meaningful Mother’s Day gift?

I am going to share an app my students will be using to create a Mother’s Day gift! However, as I share this app for a Mother’s Day idea you will see that it could have many uses. Students can use this app to provide information they have learned using key words from text/research. It could also be used before writing to help students think about details before they write.

The app is called Word Pack.

It's a really simple app to use. Just enter the text, customize, and share! You can save it to your camera roll, send it via email, facebook, and twitter. 

Something else I really like about the app is that the students can select a shape for their word collage. There are MANY shapes to choose from- animals, transportation, and many other shapes!  

The app costs $0.99. However, I have found it to be much faster and easier for students to use than Wordle or other similar sites. It saves and prints well and the text does not get deleted easily. 


  1. Good Morning Marie, thanks for sharing this app. I love Wordle, but it can be hard for students to use. This looks much easier. I like the option of saving it to your camera roll, email, twitter, or Facebook. I'll come back later today and share my tech tip. Have a great day. :)

  2. This sounds worth the $0.99 for sure. Looks way easier than Wordle or the Tag one. Thanks!

  3. How cute is this! Thank you for sharing this app, I had never heard of it! Happy Tuesday!!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I have used some website in the past to create a handprint for EOY volunteer gifts. It's great to see how it's used in the classroom!