Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer Share and Prepare 3

Thanks for coming by to see what I'm sharing today!

The purpose of this summer linky is to share a product you made that you think others would like AND use the link up to prepare for next year by seeing others' products.

Summer Share and Prepare:

1. Link Up to a Blog Post about your Product - Please include the image above!  (Or directly to the product if you don't have a blog or are pressed for time)

2. Prepare for next year by reading about other products. Leave some love on other teacher's blogs!

The product I'm sharing is something I've used in the past but made some updates to. Do you ever find that you are searching for holiday activities that are fun, meaningful, and won't create a huge paper/glue mess in your classroom while you are trying to get ready for a break or holiday time? I created a fun writing activity that helps students enjoy the holiday spirit but also have a meaningful task to work on for an extended period of time. I also included a non-holiday roll-a-story board that can be used at any time!

All you need is my roll-a-story boards, the writing paper (included), and a die.

The students roll the die 3 times. One roll determines their character, another roll determines the setting, and the final roll determines their problem. Then, they use their story elements to create a fiction story.
Something that has been really helpful for me with this activity is that the students can use it over and over again. When they roll a second time, they will roll different story elements to work with.

I also included writing paper choices as seen below.

They make great stories to share with the class!
 I have used this tool as an activity leading up to holidays. I have also used it as an independent work activity for a few weeks at a time during my reading/writing block.

You can find the product on sale HERE.

Make sure you check back - There are two more Summer Share and Prepare Linky Parties left this summer!


  1. That's such a cute idea! I bet you get some really neat stories from your kiddos!
    Thanks so much for hosting such a fun linky, hope you have a wonderful week!!

    Kindergarten Dragons

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