Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer Share and Prepare

Hi All! Thanks for coming by for the 2nd linky of Summer Share and Prepare. The purpose of this summer linky is to share a product you made that you think others would like AND use the link up to prepare for next year by seeing others' products.

Summer Share and Prepare:

1. Link Up to a Blog Post about your Product - Please include the image above!  (Or directly to the product if you don't have a blog or are pressed for time)

2. Prepare for next year by reading about other products. Leave some love on other teacher's blogs!

I'm sharing about a Poetry Writing Unit that I created. It would be best fit for grades 2nd -5th. I created this product for two reasons. One, it seems like every time I go to a literacy conference, they stress the importance of poetry and how it is often left out of standards and district provided resources. Some teachers feel like they struggle with poetry, and it doesn't get taught as much as it should. I also have searched on TPT and had a hard time finding something that I thought reached a deep enough level and a range of poetry skills.

The resource that I created helps introduce poetry techniques and different types of poems. It would make a great binder or packet to get students started with quality poetry. They could use the pages for practice and as a model as they continue adding to their collection.

Techniques included - Using Poet's Eyes, Comparisons, Creating Mood, Using Figurative Language, Using Precise Language, small moment/big feeling, repetition, and using line breaks.

Types of Poems- Conversation Poem, "I am" Poem, Acrostic Poem, Shape Poem, List Poem, Couplet Poem, and a Sensory Poem.

Also included are figurative language posters, a precise language game, ideas for a Poetry Celebration, poetry cafe posters, and poetry writing paper.

While immersing your students in poetry and using mentor texts, this resource is just what you need to help your students become poets! When I began teaching these techniques to my students, I have to admit, I thought to myself, I would have to work hard to use these techniques well, how are second graders really going to be able to create mood in their poetry? However, with modeling and practice, I was truly amazed with how much they learned and how far they came. I think sometimes children are even more creative than we are, and it makes for such fun! When we were practicing with using our poet's eyes to see objects differently, one of my students picked up a red/yellow patterned paper clip I had and said, "When I use my poet's eyes, this looks like a mommy and a baby wearing the same outfit." Now, I've never looked at a paper clip in the same way!

 Here my students are doing a poetry gallery/compliment walk around the room reading each others' work in progress and leaving compliments on a post-it note!

Head over HERE to my TPT Store to check out my product. It is on sale through Sunday!


  1. I LOVE your compliment walk idea!!! How cute :) Also, your product looks fabulous :)
    The Techie Teacher

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