Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Classroom Tour 2015

This is my third year in this same classroom. Every year I step it up just a little more! This summer I focused on getting some furniture OUT and making spaces a little bigger, cozy, and more practical for students!

Does anyone else find that at your small group table you really need a board behind you? I'm tired of the struggle, so I found away to arrange everything to fit the whiteboard comfortably in front of my whiteboard!

Little touches like contact paper or spray paint on old worn down furniture and ribbons to hang decor or put on handles goes a long way!

I'm student ready!!!  To me that means I am ORGANIZED, spaces are set, and the staples are there. When the students come, the details will evolve as we make posters and visuals that are meaningful to them!

Check out the Tour of my student ready room HERE.

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  1. Your room is adorable Marie! Your students are so lucky to have you and that great space to learn in. Have a wonderful start to the new year!

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