Friday, September 20, 2013

Guided Reading Link Up

Hey guys! Another week done!

First of all, we have to give a shout out to Megan over at "I Teach, What's Your Super Power?" for designing our blog. She did a phenomenal job and we are thrilled! I highly recommend you check out her blog design!

Guided reading is one of my favorite parts of my day. When I saw that "The Teacher's Cauldron" was hosting a linky about this, I knew I HAD to participate! Currently, I'm working on my Masters degree to become a Reading Specialist. I only have 4 more classes to go! Throughout this course work, I have learned a ton of information and it reaffirmed why literacy assessment and guided reading are an imperative part of our daily schedule.

Let's take a look at some of my favorite things:

First off, my whiteboard table! Oh, how I love this thing. When I moved to Illinois, I didn't have one and it felt SO weird teaching guided reading without it. Having this table creates not only a way for me to write down skills or ideas during guided reading, but it actively involves the students. You do have to learn how to write upside down, but after 8 years, I've got it! The students love being able to write their answers or ideas there as well. I highly recommend one if you can get it!

Next, I keep these tools at the table. My students are required to come prepared to the table, but there are those who forget things or pencils break. With that being said, instead of wasting time going back to seats, we keep these here to borrow. It has saved a lot of time and I always make sure it's stocked up!

Behind my table is a whiteboard that I use as a magnetic bulletin board. I always post the objectives for comprehension, language, and fluency each day or for each group. Below that are the expectations that the kids have created. Then, you have the CAFE board. We add to this as we learn about the strategies throughout the year. I love CAFE and have found that it correlates well to Common Core.

I have created this flip chart using a binder folded back! I love it because it holds the genre posters and skills that we are learning. It is a great way to visually keep the target up while I teach. It's also handy because everything we learn is right there and kid friendly!

Next, are my teacher tools. Here is where I keep some post it notes, markers, and comprehension cubes. These are a great go to in case I'm having trouble coming up with questions for the book. Not to mention, who doesn't love to toss a cube!?

This is where I keep all my books and lessons. Each group has a drawer. I keep this on my side of the table and it's a great way to keep me organized and put supplies so I'm ready for each group.

The guided reading binder!! This hold plans, data, running records, strategies, etc! I keep it at the table so I can always use it as a quick reference or take it to a meeting.

That was a quick overview of my guided reading supplies and tools! If you have any questions, please let me know! Also, head over to over to our Facebook page to participate in the Fall Facebook Frenzy! It is going on until the 23rd!! Enjoy!


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