Saturday, September 14, 2013

Writer's Workshop

Hi All! Writing and book making is one of my favorite things about being an elementary school teacher. I know many of us our launching our writer's workshop and work on writing component in our classrooms. To help my second graders understand each step of the writer's workshop process, we are doing a shared writing format with a paragraph about our classroom and going through each stage. Next week, I will be modeling three choices that they have at this time for publishing. One of these choices is an app, My Story.

If you are not familiar with this app, I highly recommend it. Students can type text or use tools to write text with their finger. They can use all different types of tools to make illustrations or insert photographs. They can make multiple books and publish them to the web.

I have been using this app with my students frequently as I do Fountas and Pinnell reading assessments. These assessments are extremely time consuming and involve me giving my 23 students my undivided attention. We only have until Sept 20th to have them turned in. Our Daily 5 is not enough because my students do not have enough reading stamina yet. This has been another meaningful and independent literacy activity.

For more information on the app, see the iTunes website:

Happy Writing and Book Making!

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