Sunday, October 27, 2013

Word Study Choices

What do you do for Word Study? I am using the program Words Their Way with my second graders. It is my first time using this program, but the research is awesome. I have grouped them by their spelling stage. Then, I am doing a 20 minute small group lesson with each group in my class. We do word study for 20-25 minutes 4 days per week (separate from our reading block). While I am doing my small group lessons, my students choose between Word Study Choices and work independently. I am launching our word study time very similarly to the way I launched the Daily 5. In fact, this is the "Word Work" piece. The students choose between the other 4 choices of Daily 5 during the reading block. However, with the amount of directions/choices involved with Word Study, my students are having a harder time remembering one choice from another, even though we've practiced each one several times. I created a poster pack that includes each choice with simple directions and expectations. We are going to do one more week of role modeling and practice before I start pulling groups (especially given Halloween). I am going to give the students who are having a hard time with expectations/being independent a copy of the poster to take with them and have out as they choose each choice.

The posters can be found in Marie's Teachers Pay Teachers Store:

I would love to hear what your word study time looks like!

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