Saturday, August 30, 2014

Classroom Reveal Link Up

Hi All!

Isn't it so exciting and motivating to see all the hard work of teachers come together to make these beautiful classrooms? I think it's so worth putting in the time in the summer for the kids and families to enjoy all year. Let's be honest, we spend a lot of time in there too! This is just a sampling of my classroom because I like to take most of my pictures after the kids have had time to personalize the space. You will likely see more pictures soon. Please be sure to check out Crystal's classroom below... She has tons of great ideas!

This is a reading corner near the one window in my classroom! I love open space to make the room feel bigger. The curtains are from Meijer and are attached with command hooks and a curtain rod. The polka-dot bows are from Hobby Lobby. I change window stickers seasonally.

This is another reading corner. We are in pods and need to have walk space between all 4 rooms. The walls fold back. I wasn't willing to sacrifice a corner completely, so this is what I came up with. The rug is from Marshall's and the canopy is from Ikea (although, I think it's discontinued). My students call this section of the room, the castle. 

This was a fun little project with leftover contact paper and bows. I even made label paper to match. The top shelves help me keep organized as papers stack up throughout the week. I keep binders that I access frequently in the back corner and my birthday poster up against the wall above it. 

I believe in having an expansive classroom library. This section is part of my section which is organized by genre. To help the students know how to put their books away, I have each book and basket numbered so they can match the numbers.

This section is my leveled library. Students can access all the bins on top freely by level. The bottom section is a section that I have the students selectively access. I set out those bins when they are choosing a book near their level for independent practice activities. I also have sets or individual books for strategy groups, guided reading groups, and conferencing.

I always hide this guy, our classroom pet until I read RainbowFish  in the first few days of school. We talk about sharing with others and then establish a name for our pet. This year the children named him "Speedster." It is a student job (pet sitter) to feed the fish each day.

I like having the students seated in tables for cooperative learning. I'm a big fan of seat sacks too!

This board is a key player in fueling our on-going classroom community and bucket-filling. It is interactive for the students and a part of our class meetings. Interactive bulletin boards are my favorite. This feature will have it's own blog post and freebie coming soon!

We have a second carpet area back by the whiteboard. The whiteboard hosts our learning targets for the day, calendar, smilie count, and will have behavior reminder posters across the top when I teach them to the students. Above the whiteboard will be our important anchor charts. Our "Leader Board" (jobs) are to the right behind the rocking chair. Each child is always a leader of something! I print a wallet sized picture of the child and hot glue it to a small clothes pin. Then, I clip it on the job. Jobs are rotated every 2 months. My table number signs can be found for FREE here: Table Signs

All of these bins house math manipulatives. Across the top are a selection of student book bins.

I covered an old set of (ugly) mailboxes in contact paper. Then, I covered the shelves on the inside with black paper. I put a binderclip over the shelf to further secure the paper. I cut and labeled colorful garage sale stickers with student numbers and put that on the binder clips.

My pencil cups had ink stains and were ready for an upgrade. I printed chevron paper, laminated it, and tape it around the cups. It really does add something! 

Wowzville is a place to display student work that they are MOST proud of! The little chairs are from Ikea. There are voice level posters across the top that I couldn't survive without. I spray painted old book shelves to make them blue.

Thanks for checking out a few parts of my room! I look forward to sharing more with you as we further develop it throughout the year. :) 

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