Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The JUNK drawer

We all have those spots in our room where we just throw stuff, right? Well, I have to say, this has been reduced dramatically for me over the last year because I got rid of my desk. You never know how much JUNK you really have until you get rid of your desk and say, "What in the world do I have this for? or that?" Getting rid of my desk was the best thing for me, and I'm a super neat person! Over the last 10 years I had accumulated more than I realized.

With that being said, this is my current drawer space for my "desk" aka guided reading table. Most of the drawers are used for my guided reading and math materials.

However, there is this one drawer at the bottom that we will call: special. In this special drawer you can find band-aids, zip ties, vaseline, gum, 3 bottles of lotion, tape, random guided reading tools, excedrin, Blooms flipbook, etc. You name it, it's in there. Really, from this picture it doesn't look too terrible, but I assure you it is.

Where is your junk space? Do you have one? I would love to hear about it!

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  1. I love your post, and WISH my junk looked half as organized as yours! I always feel like my labels, tubs, and drawers make it all look better, though :) Thanks for sharing!!

    First Grade Fairytales

  2. Tee-hee! I was going to say the same thing as Kelly! It is amazing the amount of stuff that I have in my junk drawer that hasn't been excavated for years! Thanks so much for dropping by and sharing!
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

  3. I'm not brave enough to get rid of my teacher desk! Maybe I should seriously consider it though. I'm sure I'd find things to get rid of if I had fewer drawers to stick stuff in!
    Laughter and Consistency

  4. Getting rid of my teacher's desk was the best thing I've ever done! It greatly reduced my junk and piles. I feel more organized than ever!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple