Saturday, January 31, 2015

Top 5 Product Giveaway

Hi Everyone!

Now that we are settled back into school, Crystal and I were thinking about 2015 and all the excitement of a New Year. We were discussing what are some of the teaching resources we have created that we can’t live without. We are going to offer them to you in the form of a giveaway!

The giveaway includes…

“Doodle Do’s” Clip Art Set made by Kayla Bradley

They are cute kid images that can be used with almost anything you create at any time of year! 

Sequencing Superstars made by Crystal

The product offers several activities to help students improve reading comprehension by practicing their sequencing skills. It includes puzzle pieces to use with any book to show the sequence of events.

It also has 3 pages of task cards with short passages and questions as well as 3 pages of tasks (4 tasks total) for the students to sort, weigh, and determine the sequence of a variety of objects. 

Double Digit Addition Game and Math Task made by Marie

The product includes a double-digit addition game students can play time and time again for on-going practice.

It also includes a math task with several problems where students solve for the missing digits and explain their thinking. Triple digit addition included! 

Compound Sentences made by Crystal

The posters in this activity helps students understand the different types of sentences and also includes 16 task cards for them to sort. (QR code option included)

The product also includes a paragraph writing activity, simple and compound sentences with riddles, create a compound sentence page, and spin a sentence (students create their own sentences).

Make a Ten Strategy made by Marie

This is a fun, engaging game to work on  basic addition with students who have a hard time applying “the make a ten strategy” when they cross over 10. For example, when solving 8 + 5, they can do 8 + 2 = 10 + 3 = 13.  

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the giveaway! It ends Feb. 2nd! Enter your information in the rafflecopter below! 

Thank you for reading about Top 5 resources, and we wish you the best for 2015.

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