Monday, March 30, 2015

Tech Tuesday 3-31

I'm on Spring Break and visiting Nashville, TN right now but didn't want to miss out on a week of Tech Tuesday! Thanks to all of you who come even if you are on break and out of your usual routine.

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I'm going to share about a FREE app that makes my life so much easier and one of my favorite apps my students use ... almost daily!

First, do you have Tiny Scan on your phone? I almost feel silly posting about this app, but it has been a huge convenience for me, so I thought that might be worth something for you. When you have Tiny Scan, all you need to do is open the app and take a picture of whatever you would normally scan. You can scan multiple pages into one document. From there you can email it to yourself as a pdf. This has saved me tons of time standing at the copy machine going through 10 steps to complete a scan. I scan a lot of Time For Kids, Scholastic News, and National Geographic articles so that there is enough for our whole grade level to read at one time. Tiny Scan gives you the option of choosing color/black white. I also have found it handy to have if I am a paper or two short on something while teaching and cannot run to the copy machine. Instead, just scan it, open it, print it, done!

You just click the plus size to take a picture of your document:
Tiny Scan has helped me keep my prep time down when having a more paperless classroom. In reading, I often Tiny Scan the reading passage (magazine, short story, text excerpt, etc) and also the organizer. Then, after sending it myself in the form of a pdf, I put it on our class website. Our class website is through Canvas, but you could put the pdf on whatever you use.

You have several options to send your document to:
Then, my students use iPads and open the pdf in Notability. In Notability, the students are able to type on the document, record, highlight, and more. What I like most about Notability is the students do not have to do anything with the document when they open it- It's ready to be typed into. The tools are not distracting.

Then, the students are able to export their work in Notability and send it back to me. My students have a place on Canvas where they turn in their work, but you could have your students send it to you through your site or through email.

Not only has it saved resources to use Tiny Scan and Notability, but it has made the reading work for my students more engaging. They have tools accessible to them and the ability to record.

Students are able to read, highlight, and record with the text. 

There are so many more ways you could use Tiny Scan and Notability. I'd love to hear an idea you have for these apps!

Also, I found a friend out there (Techie Turtle Teacher) also doing a Tech Tip Tuesday-- The more the merrier! Feel free to head on over to her blog to see more tech ideas! 


Thanks for visiting Tech Tuesday! 


  1. Very cool. I'm trying to get as close to paperless as I can - we are not 1:1 so we still have times where iPads are not available. I am thinking that students could even use this app to scan their own work too. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Wow, Erin! You are already one of the most techy people I know. When you go 1:1, you will take off running. It has made HUGE difference for my kids. Such a good idea to have students scan their work when needed. Right now we only have teacher access to the app, but student access might be an idea to consider. Thanks for coming to Tech Tuesday!

  2. Hi Marie, I hope you are having a great time in Nashville. :) This looks like a great tool and I can't wait to share with my staff. Thanks for sharing. I'll log on later tomorrow and share a tech tip too! Enjoy your trip.

    1. Thanks for coming to Tech Tuesday! We are back from our trip now... and I miss already! I hope the rest of your trip is wonderful!!! Spring break is flying by!