Thursday, April 2, 2015

Five for Friday 4-3

This is the one Friday that I didn't want to come yet! Spring Break flies by, and I still have so much I hope to do!!! Normally in my my Five for Friday posts, four out of five of my shares are teaching ideas. Since it was Spring Break this week, I thought I would share some more personal highlights from the week.

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1- Our wedding was featured on "The Knot" yesterday! So many people helped make our wedding a beautiful, romantic, and memorable experience. Our photographer sent the information to The Knot to have it featured, so it was a fun surprise for me and a great way to thank our vendors.

Our Wedding on the Knot
2- My husband and I took some time to go to Nashville, TN! I'm a big country music fan, and he's a country music fan, so it was a nice little get away, not to mention, the 75 degree sunny weather! Yes, I am that kind of Nashville Tourist... Pink Boots, Hat. I know, it's embarrassing, but I couldn't resist.

3- We were lucky to be in town when Eric Paslay and Easton Corbin were at The Grand Old Opry! It's so fun to have an Opry experience and these two were fabulous!!!

4- We also went to the famous Bluebird Cafe! We saw Open Mic Monday. It's so popular you have to line up an hour/hour and a half ahead of time! I think this is because it's on the Nashville show. We saw everyone from regular Joes from Iowa to people that have moved to Nashville to try to write or sing. Quite a range of talents but a worthwhile experience for sure!

5- We went to Franklin, TN (a Nashville suburb). We discovered a very quaint downtown with lots of specialty shops that you can't find anywhere else. Brian does not share the same home decorating love that I do, but he was sweet enough to let me explore. I found this little gem that's like a live Pinterest! Two levels of very, very affordable decor made right there by a local artist. I couldn't leave without a few fun things for our little space back home!

So much to see everywhere you looked!

 I don't really have a good place to hang this, but I found a way! It's three jars connected with rope and various flowers inside!
I love filling our downstairs with candlelight when we are in for the night! Maybe it relieves stress... I don't know! It's hard to see them here, but I found little colored hanging balls made out of wire and put tea lights in them!

Did you do something fun this week?


  1. I've always wanted to go to Nashville! It looks like so much fun!!

    A Tall Drink of Water

  2. Your trip looks amazing! My husband and I are trying to plan a getaway together this summer to relax and explore somewhere new together. I hope you feel relaxed and refreshed! Don't worry about the to-do list, it will get done. It's way more important to make memories! Enjoy your weekend.

    Teach Talk Inspire

  3. Looks like you had a blast in Nashville. I would so love to visit one day. The Opry and The Blue Bird, how fun. The little shops you found look like something I would totally love as well. So glad you had a great break! Have a wonderful Easter!

    Luv My Kinders

    1. Thanks for reading about it, Laura! I would definitely recommend it if you are a country music fan! Happy Easter to you too!