Friday, June 19, 2015

Five for Friday 6-19

Hi Everyone! Linking up for another Five for Friday!

Almost every teacher is on summer break now, right? It feels odd to me to do a Five for Friday post and not have tidbits to share out from the classroom this week! I don't really feel like my summer has started yet, but it has been two weeks. With having the sinus surgery, I have been WIPED OUT trying to recover. As soon as I think I am feeling better, I go run and errand or go for a walk around the block all to find I am exhausted after and worthless until I nap. Yesterday I went to a 2.5 hour training and ran a few errands while I was out. I ended up coming up and taking a 4 hour nap. I just feel "stuck" recovering... All the things I thought I would be doing are not happening. But, as soon as I get down, I remember that I need to be thankful for the surgery and for the opportunity to rest and not feel like my students are without me! I'm one of those people who enjoys resting/relaxing, but I am terrible at doing it. So, my version of rest becomes let me sit on the couch or on my patio with my computer and see what I can get done! Or let me pick-up the house with the TV on... So, I'm not sure that's truly rest... It's an unhealthy mindset, and I need to work on it. After all, God wants us to rest. He knows we need to rest. Perhaps using some of my fatigue to rest in God's presence is the best thing that can come from this forced rest period. Here are a few verses that spoke to me about rest:

I give my students a pencil and certificate on their bday! It's quick and easy but makes them feel special. I can have them all ready to go and ordered ahead of time. I ran out of Birthday Certificates this year! I decided to make some so I will no longer need to go out to get them! I made full and half page certificates that are boy and girl friendly. Get them here!

My husband and I got our first grill this week! This will be SOOOO much easier for making up a quick dinner in the summer and fall. I already love not cleaning the George Foreman or deciding meat is too much time/work to make. My parents generously got it for us as a first anniversary gift!
We've had TONS of rain here in the Chicago area. I got out for a short walk this week when it wasn't raining and this is after a day of no rain. My poor parents have discovered a crack in their stoop and have had so much water pouring into their basement. They are out of town, so I am trying to help!!!

I'll end with some news happening at the blog. Today is the LAST day to enter the Giveaway!!! Winners will announced soon! Also, will I see you next week at the "Summer Share and Prepare" Linky? You can link up a post about a product or directly to a product you would like to share to help others prepare for next year!


  1. Hi Marie!
    So happy for you! Cleaning a George Foreman grill is no fun. Can't wait to link up! I have it in my calendar :)

    Made with Love

  2. Sounds like a fabulous week minus the rain!! Hope your parents basement gets sorted! Enjoy your new grill - we love to use ours in the Summer especially making meat kebabs mmm!!

  3. So sorry about your parents basement! I hope it has a simple, happy ending. I love the linky party. What a great way to share resources with each other. Thank you for putting that together!

  4. Hi Marie, sorry to hear about your parents basement. The rain definitely needs to go away, we have had plenty. I'm glad you are starting to feel better, the recovery definitely takes time, don't push it. Enjoy your weekend and happy grilling! :)

  5. Sorry to hear about your parents basement! So many areas are getting heavy rain lately. I know you guys are enjoying your grill. Having family and friends over to grill out is one of my favorite things about summer!!
    I am looking forward to the link up what a great idea!!