Thursday, June 11, 2015

Two Truths and Lie Reveal

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to read my Two Truths and a Lie for the first week of Tell All Tuesday hosted by Teach.Talk.Inspire and My Day In K.

1- My number one was the LIE! My husband and I will be coming up on our ONE year anniversary this June 21st! We dated through college and after and got married when we were 24. I love being married - It's the best. He's such a sweet husband!

 June 21, 2014

2- My number two didn't fool anyone... Yes I do have a "baby brother" whom I love and adore! He is off to college this fall, and when I say off to college, I mean he is half-way across the country off to college. Yikes!  I'm going to miss him SO much!!! Here we are when he actually was a baby! He was the cutest!

3- My number three was also true... Believe it or not, I had sinus surgery Wednesday. It was scary and stressful but all went well. It has been very uncomfortable and required a lot of medication/be poked (which always makes me uneasy). However, I wasn't under for that long, and the doctor said I really needed it. Apparently, I was living with the symptoms of a mild sinus infection each day due to the inflammation of my of my sinuses without even having an infection. Now I am in the healing process. I was warned it is not a pleasant one, but I'm hanging in there.  Here I am blogging, right? Each time I think about complaining, I try to be thankful in health care and support God has provided me. I will say, I can't wait until I can breathe through my nose again. Hoping to have my healthiest school year yet this coming year!

I'll spare you a picture of me here... and instead show you the beautiful purple/white flowers my mom gave me to help me feel better as I spend the next week on the couch! I was feeling so blessed this week by the care/support of my husband, family, and friends. Very thankful.

Thanks for playing along with me! Don't forget to head back to the link up to see what others revealed!

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  1. We have the same anniversary! June 21, 2014 was a beautiful day to get married! :) Congrats on your anniversary!!